Kitchen on Wheels, Natch!

One of the top entrants in this year’s Electrolux design contest is the Kitchen Drawer. Designed for the internet generation – you know the type, always connected, always mobile, and most likely living in urban areas where space is a commodity.

There are four main parts to this product; a stainless plate for meal prep and warming, an electric stove for cooking, a dish drawer for storage, and a mini-fridge. If it looks like a filing cabinet, don’t hate – it’s supposed to slip under your desk. This is perfect for someone who eats at the desk, like I am doing now. Mmm. . . ramen.

Designer: Nojae Park

Stainless plate – User can put dishes or fry pan here when eat.

Electric Stove

Dish drawer


User can select proper size of heat according to their pot size.
It helps to prevent from wasting unused heat.

If user open the plate or pull back the stove, switch is automatically turned off.