I Want a Bath, Spa, and Jacuzzi but Got No Space

I’m not going to poo-poo my apartment because I actually have a nice bathroom but am no where near sporting a bath, spa, and jacuzzi all in one unit. Have you seen the size of those tubs? They’re HUGE. Designer Dominik Chojnacki must understand my pain because his SPAcer is a movable Spa bath that can fold up against the wall to save floor space. Nevermind that it looks like an Orca turned upside down, Dominik claims the shape was inspired by two rain drops.

Designer: Dominik Chojnacki


  • prodmod says:

    I like the idea and love the design, but the designer left zero space for the mechanics of the water jets. The walls look too thin. I also love the idea that it can be tilted up against the wall, and i like the sliding/pivoting mechanism undersneath. But again, not much space for the sliding mechanism in the bottom. And how do you fill the bath? how do you drain it etc?

    I know those are probably not the pretty aspects of a jacuzzi, but you need all of those things to make it work.
    And sometimes the hardest part is hiding all of the ugly mechanical parts in an elegant way.

  • tony says:

    there are a lot more at http://www.aszozo.com

  • enoo says:

    I rather like the shape (an orca? Darn, I see a peanut :] ), but as prodmod, I wonder if there’s some place for the sliding mechanism and the water jets.

    There seems to be a water drain at the bottom, where the pivot is when it’s horizontal, but I’m not sure how it’s supposed to stay connected when it’s against the wall.
    And if there’s some drops remaining in the tub after you fold it up against the wall, they’ll create a little pool of water on your floor – how nice.

  • michaelportent says:

    This is brilliant. With the proper installation, I’d love to put this in my dream loft some day.

  • chrism123 says:

    Doesn’t look to me like you could do anything useful with the space saved by lifting the tub…. it’s not like you could put a sink or a toilet there…

    • adam says:

      it could just be walking/standing space. that you might need to use the sink or toilet, but if you’re havign a bath, then you don’t need to walk in that space.
      becuase you’re in the bath.

      it makes perfect sense and I’m now considering just building a fiberglass version of this design myself.

      love it.

  • Thanks a lot for comments. As Adam said it is all about the walking space, that was the reason to think about a bath that you can fold up. Visit my site: http://www.dominikchojnacki.pl

  • Ali Beharvandi says:

    Beutiful , if I want to colaborate with you,
    I am Architect, work in Romania.
    thank you
    Ali Beharvandi

  • cassie says:

    this is a truly amazing thought. you are a rather creative soul =)

  • MONTENEGRO says:

    Urgent how can i get it

  • MONTENEGRO says:

    Urgent how can i get it

  • Daniel says:

    it would be better if it would turn into a shower when lifted in a upright position

  • Maitane says:

    i would like to know how much does it cost? and if i am interested, how can i get it?
    thank you very much
    i hope you answer me

  • Tanja Hakala says:

    Urgent! I would need some more information about this from the designer and press photos too. How to get them as I can´t find any contact number etc.?

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