Ant-proof Your Bin

Inspired by how a moat can keep enemies at bay, designer Shu-Hsuan Chang has come up with the Anti-Ants Trash Can to keep the ants and other pests away from the bin. The wide base of the bin is designed like a moat and is lined with disposable sticky tape. So when the pests try to crawl up the bin, their tiny legs get stuck onto the tape and are hence trapped! How clever! You can easily tear off each layer of insects-stuck-on-tape, to expose a fresh new layer of sticky tape! For flies I guess we can place a Venus Flytrap nearby.

Anti-Ants Trash Can is a 2011 IDEA Awards Entry.

Designer: Shu-Hsuan Chang


  • SUe says:

    Why not make it more like a moat and simply have a small space filled with water which the ants wouldnt be able to cross. This would do away with having to re-buy the sticky tape each time.
    P.S. Cockroaches can usually fly
    P.P.S. If the lid is properly designed to close the trash can hermetically (as should be to avoid odours) there should not be any trouble with ants, cockroaches or flies.

  • Dave says:

    Sue, the water might invite mosquitoes to lay the eggs…
    So probably this is the reason why we cannot have a water ring..

  • Bauski says:

    Way to go on practical thinking there!

    In practice no bin is ever 100% airtight…how could it?

    Flying cockroaches?

    Water near waste? Breeding ground for germs?

    I really like the design, it’s aesthetic and still functional. Good example of a practical, usefull approach.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Can’t the ants just walk over the stuck ants? That’s a pretty thin strip of sticky material.

  • I appreciate the form of the design and how the shape creates function, but I think there is something to be said here about the human-factor: How many pretty house-wives really want to remove an adhesive strip filled with insects every once in a while?

    A simple rubber seal to create air-tightness..

  • SUe says:

    @ Dave: Good catch on the mosquitoes, had not factored these into consideration.

    @ Bauski: have actually never seen a flying cockroach, maybe there are different species but i’ve always known just flying roaches

    As for the airtight seal my current bin has an airtight seal made up of a rubber gasket against which the lid presses against and it seems to have been working pretty well up till now maybe when it wears out it might be a problem (hope not).

  • @Arin omg that is amazing! In cunning way I mean.

  • med says:

    Fantastic – you just created problem that didn’t exist and you also half-solved it as well!
    What would be next? Ant-proofed fridge? Ant-proofed toilet? Ant-proofed coat hanger?
    Is it not easier to address ant-problem and get rid of the ants in the first place? Trying to “ant-proof” everything is lovely challenge for wanna-be-designer but my grandma would call you as a silly boy.
    Back to the drawing board!

  • Edwin says:

    a moat with a layer of oil on it would totally prevent ants and not let you worry about mosquito laying eggs. just saying.

  • crow says:

    if you have ants crawling into your trash can; then you have an ant problem. Try and fix that first.

  • Kirsten says:

    Wow, Lucas. You might wanna zip up, your sexism is showing.

  • @Kirsten Nothing harmful was intended by my comment, just using a basic stereotype to highlight an issue. Sorry for the offense, but this is about design. period.

  • Name* says:

    Ants and most bugs can’t cling onto PTFE (aka teflon), just saying.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Point 1: It’s a bigger problem than you think.
    Point 2: Sometimes you can’t get rid of ants.
    Point 3: You’re a jerk.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Sorry, that was @med.

  • kev says:

    you know ants can’t walk across grids right…
    they can’t walk on meshed basket bins…

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