Home Away At Sea

The stress of daily life has a sneaky way of building up and crashing you before you expect it. You then realize it’s time to get away – from work, life, everything. Origin, a free-floating home away at sea could provide you with that escape.

The sea fascinates yet frightens. It represents detachment at the farthest fringes of humanity. To experience it usually means some expertise in oceanic environments. With Origin, those prerequisites are no longer a barrier. This floating house has a super strong shell, transparent to act as a window to the oceans, and as an exhibit to those wondering what you are. There are also observation decks above and below the water surface.

No mention on how you’d get back but I’m sure designer Jean-Baptiste Mayot didn’t mean to have us all climb into this house adrift with no way to return.

Designer: Jean-Baptiste Mayot