Central Train Station to get a Space Age Facelift

Norway’s largest train station located in Oslo is soon to get a new and futuristic look. What once was the typical European architectural style of the station, will soon have a new and funky image. The architect group Space Group won first place with their design idea for Oslo’s Central Station. The new design idea is created to make Oslos’ Central Station the largest in Europe. The structure will be four stories tall with two of the upper stories to be used as office space. Inside the station will also allow for shopping, restaurants and event areas. Also included in the re-design of the Central Station is an adjacent “U-shaped” building which will house the largest conference Hotel in Norway. At only a mere 361 million Euros, the construction on the project will begin in 2013 with completion somewhere around five to ten years.

Architect: Space Group [ Via: Plataforma Arquitectura ]


  • Eirik says:

    At the last picture in the upper right corner you can also see the now finished operahouse of Oslo….apparently its designed to look like a glacier…

  • TH says:

    Nordic coolness in architecture. Great stuff.

    Besides, now that flying is “out”, railways are more and more “in”, for environmental reasons, and it’s great to see how cool trains and railway travel is becoming again.

  • Shiella says:

    Great design! Hope my town will have one of that.

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