I’d like a room with a forest-facing view please


Oh, the irony. We evolved and built cities, concrete jungles, civilizations, only to absolutely detest the lifestyle and want to connect with nature again!

That’s what the Treehotel in Sweden does. Located in the Lule River Valley, the Treehotel is your bird’s nest for humans. It sits at a considerable height, like a treehouse, with a stellar view of the woods and the river beyond. Relax in the fully equipped room, or step onto the rooftop deck for a truly marvelous experience, the Treehotel is bucket-list material for every wanderlust. The 78 square-foot room can accommodate two guests (early booking for next year’s Valentine?). For showers and food, you can go walking to the restaurant, sauna, bar, and lounge a stone’s throw away. Now, if only I made enough money in the concrete jungle to afford this kind of life in the real jungle!

Designers: Cyrén & Cyrén for Treehotel