Italian True Love

I must admit, I am not really a fan of either Italian sport car maker Lamborghini or Italian fashion house Versace. Individually I find them both a little too macho, tacky, Euro-trashy. But when these two design powerhouses recently combined forces and delivered this stunning “Versace edition Murciélago LP640 Roadster by Lamborghini”, I was amazed. I guess the old adage “two wrongs don’t make a right” has officially been discredited. This machine is HOT! It has a certain raw sex appeal that only two sets of Italians can deliver. Versace tastefully applied their signature Versace Greek Key motif in all the right places making for a nearly perfect marriage of the Capulets and the Montagues, let’s hope no one dies this time around.

[ Via: Yatzer ]


  • zippyflounder says:

    a coupe and not the spyder……………wrongoooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    You’ll never see me driving it, or getting near it, even if you pay me to do so. I do not see anything macho about it. This looks like a car for a midnight call girl, wondering the streets looking for a customer. But not for a “macho” guy. Unless you love to sing “macho macho man” and act it. In other words, you are Gay. Sorry if this offends you, but culture signature has its own dynamics regarding the opinion regarding the design.

    • Willzville says:

      Don’t worry man, you will never be able to afford one so its not like you’ve got an option! Don’t hate on people that make fine motorcars just because you can’t afford it. Instead, why not save up (just like me!) to by one – maybe in a few years or even a decade. JUST DON’T HATE ON THEM BECAUSE THEY’RE STYLIN’ ON YOU! LOL

      • kean says:

        i agree willzville, the car and its drivers would not be gay at all. sam you might not like it, but for those who do, they’ll realize, wow this is a damn fine looking car with a nice interior job.

        • Dan says:

          Well.. you never know, they could be gay >.>

          But the car wouldn’t make you look gay, I think the sole reason why people buy this car is to show off that they are rich and can afford it (or they race). Cause unless you ARE rich, you can’t buy it.

          If you had to be gay to own it, then every gay man would have one… >.< YAY! I get a Lambo 😀

  • Steve Page says:

    If you don’t want your free sample, hey, send it over to me!

    Love the Lambo!

    Yes, the Versace look is too much….

    …thats what makes it so delicious!!!!!!!!

    I want one now, not to drive, just to park and drool over!

  • jin_woo_han says:

    I’ll be satisfied if someone gift me a button

  • dale says:

    gorgeous styling, clean cuts and a damn sexy car.

    but the versace branding…it’s a friggin nightmare.
    the branded front bumper and interior just got ruined.

    this is brand overkill in horrible taste.

  • Def says:

    I would have asked Marc, doing it the LV style

  • IGreenSpot says:

    Love the maze logo !

    • zippyflounder says:

      the “maze logo” is a trident…as in maserati…..lambo has jumped the shark when it starts doing this kaka…remember the “eddi baure” chevy blazers from the 80’s?

      • Fashion design houses and cars have been paired poorly many times in the past. There was the Gucci Cadillac in the 80s, the Fila Ford Thunderbird, Bill Blass Lincoln, Levi’s AMC Gremlin, the Pierre Cardin Javelin, Nautica Mercury Villager, Mark Cross Lexus, Givenchy Mark V Lincoln and the Lexus Coach Edition… and on and on.

        The pairings dont stop with designers, there was also the Frank Sinatra Chrysler Imperial, Hello Kitty Mitsubishi, Snoopy Mitsubishi, Orvis Jeep Cherokee, Buick Regal Olympic Edition and the Chevrolet Venture Warner Brothers Edition….whew!

        point is, this is the best pairing to date.

        Thanks for reading.

  • Will says:

    Very bling pimp daddy mack. err..

  • Elva says:

    the combined of the two powerhouses are perfect and charming, maybe I can take it into my consideration to buy one. heihei !~

  • marco says:

    Lamborghini are not italian from the 80’s ……the last one was Lamborghini Miura.
    So this is not italian style…but it s cold german. However i think versace edition is cool.

  • powaz says:

    eh. I’ll stick with the Cayman Porsche Design edition, thanks.

  • powaz says:

    ‘Course, funny thing everyone refers to it as an Italian design when the car was penned by a German. oh well.

  • lambolover says:

    wow, I hate whomever wrote the description paragraph. Lamborghini is amazing and this person wishes they could make something half as good as what Lamborghini doesnt even think is good enough to make as a car.

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