This home workout machine merges the ease of minimal design and the functionality of classic gym gear!

Finding the right home fitness station is a lot like the story of Goldilocks. There are home exercise systems that don’t look like they belong in anyone’s home unless you’re the CEO of Equinox – too hard. There are the fitness stations that might sacrifice functionality for aesthetics, looking more like sofas than operative pieces of equipment – too soft. The new SlimBeam from NOHrD is that bowl of porridge – or, home cable station – that’s just right. SlimBeam is an elegant, multifunctional home cable machine that offers a wide array of workout options for users and its sleek, wooden body fits into any interior living space.

The cable machine comes with an incorporated pull-up bar, weights, accessory adapter, and plenty of different cord options for different weight exercises like tricep extensions or pushdowns. The designers at NOHrD made all of these exercise options available to users because cable machines are intended to target those deeper layer muscles that isolated weight training misses. SlimBeam’s body might be slim and minimal, but no functionality was sacrificed in the making of this cable machine. Standing at just over seven feet tall and 16 inches wide, SlimBeam offers cord extension of up to eight meters, giving users the chance to practice that golf swing or rowing stroke.

Additionally, SlimBeam makes it all possible with its butterfly swivel, which equips the cable machine with dual-side function and adaptive function for changing heights. Fit snug inside the wooden body, fourteen, rubberized weights are available for weight training and can be adjusting to decrease or increase the workout’s intensity. Finally, it wouldn’t be a fitness system for 2020 if it didn’t come with an app. Currently only available for Android, SlimBeam’s app displays the station’s pre-set weight along with the user’s repetition and range of motion and also provides instructional video for different workouts chosen in cooperation with sports scientists.

If you’re anything like me, you’d rather get a good sweat going in your own home than give into a monthly gym membership. Depending on your situation, however, bulky gym equipment and scattered dumbbells just might not comfortably fit into your space. SlimBeam swivels somewhere in the middle, offering everything from pull-ups to drive practice, something Goldilocks would approve. A home gym system that provides, but then, when necessary, can also hide – ah, just right.

Designer: NOHrD