Tired Chair Design

I just saw the Pixar movie “Wall*E” the other evening and I will state for the record that it was amazing. In the film, our near future world has becomes unlivable due to mass consumption and no place to put our mountains of garbage. The hero of the film (Wall*E) is programmed to help clean up Earth and has labored for hundreds of years compacting trash and stacking into giant towers. It was a very sad look into our possible future but a possibility never the less. Rubber tire disposal is a real problem for landfills all over the world. These mountains of tires are not only massive but also very dangerous. Fires that break out on these dumps are almost impossible to put out and have been raging for decades, releasing dangerous toxins into the atmosphere. This “Re-Tyre” concept by Carl Menary is a step in the right direction to help find new ways to repurpose these disposed tires. Carl has ingeniously remolded tires into seating that is perfect for outdoor areas like parks, patios and other public spaces.

Designer: Carl Menary [ Via: DesignZen ]


  • enoo says:

    I remember when I was a kid, there were some old tires in the school playground, to use as hoops. But they were removed , because as the material grew old, they started to leave some dark marks on our hands and clothes. I’m afraid these seats will have the same problem.

  • zippyflounder says:

    ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Go out side and SNIFF A TIRE, now do you want that smell in your house? If you say “ok outside then” that mother is BLACK, and yes children black sucks up sunshine like a fratboy sucks up beer on a friday night after football. Scene poolside “um yes my lovely I am very green, i recycled these skins from my maserati.” The beauty in question goes “ohhhh how impressive” and proceeds to flop down in one, followed by instant levatation and screaming as bits of flesh are deposited on the frying pan hot tire…lawsuits to follow.

    • ephdisc says:

      Ever been on a tire swing, or climbed on the giant half buried tractor tires? I did as a kid and never received blisters. I also don’t see too many kids being “damaged” by the ground up tires found in playgrounds.
      black != hot
      Besides, rubber would transmit far less heat then metal and we find metal outdoor chairs often enough.
      Tires do kind of stink though. At least new ones… and really old ones.

      • zippyflounder says:

        just went outside, and ran a experiment (its 90F out there) put one of my mounted snow tires on the concreat and yup its hot, not burn your hand hot but on your back or bottom….The other reality is of course thats not a breathable surface, going to be slick, sweaty, and nasty smelling. The best use for old tires, recycled into pavement.

        • Eric says:

          Wow I didn’t realize it’s 90 degrees outside no matter where you live! So it’s not for you, fine. Then ignore it and click on, your comments aren’t welcome here.

  • TH says:

    Well, apart from the smell, stains, burns and lawsuits, they look sort of funky. The ugly kind, but still. 🙂

  • Air2air says:

    Agreed, except for the positive comments about Wall-E, which was the most transparent eco-nazi attempt I’ve ever seen. My kids have never left a movie so depressed. It was a love story decorating a theme that was anti-human, anti-civilization, anti-corporate in the extreme. Fun fare to those under 25.

  • carl says:

    if the smell of tyres gets you down just invite a trucker to piss all over it, (as they tend to do so).

    i cant think of a more impracticle use for the tyre. at the very least you would want to dip mould it to encase the smell,stains colour etc..!

    student work im guessing.

  • Ken says:

    Yikes, Tires smell bad. I would want to set a comfortable seat on tire. But I guess it’s a good idea to turn some junk into good stuffs. At least when someone invent a sprayer to remove the smells… 😉

  • carl says:

    dip mould the whole thing in plastic? less flasibility a choice of colours and no smell. have you tried to make a prototype? dont be a screen designer, get your hands dirty and get one made this will teach you so much..

  • To Mike says:

    Check this out boy for my tire shop

  • sebastian says:

    my english sucks but ill do my best.
    Recycled products should be a group of elements, apart from all negatives the TIRE has, everyone thinks , “oh, its original, but i can do it at home if i want, so, i do not buy that product” it must have an industrial piece something not-recycled.


  • Very creative and innovative. Could you please help me understand what profile tires have you used for the chair shown on the picture and what sort of binding mechanism have you used?


  • Very creative and innovative. Could you please help me understand what profile tires have you used for the chair shown on the picture and what sort of binding mechanism have you used?


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