This conceptual Bentley eVTOL takes off right from your balcony!

Imagine if your balcony’s view wasn’t restricted to just one frame. Imagine if your balcony could literally detach from your house and float above the city, giving you a new, more exhilarating view every time. That’s the idea behind this conceptual Bentley Majestic Walker.

The design team’s idea was simple – a dynamic balcony that made you feel like you were walking among the clouds. Obviously Bentley seemed like the most apt brand for something literally this luxurious and dreamy. The eVTOL molded itself around this idea, where the residence would have a very Iron Man Stark Towers-style walkway right out into the open, with two red seats at the end. Sit yourself down and the eVTOL comes and lifts the seats off into the skies, gently hovering above your city, giving you the absolute thrill of being at the top of the world!

Designers: David Vultaggio, Brouet Kevin, Lesacq Antoine, Baudoin Clément & Delannoy Simon.