Volvo + trucks + fashion = [email protected]#$%&

OK, show of cursors, who here when thinking of big trucks (not SUVs) thinks of Volvo? Anyone? Anyone? Ok, you two in the Swedish of you two actually thinking of Volvo trucks who is thinking metro sexual fashions? Ok, so there you are. Now when thinking of metro-sexual fashion and Volvo trucks are you also thinking bibs, comforters, games and toy vehicles? Ha! I lost you didn’t I Mr. Volvo-truck-fashion-boy? Well you are not alone my friend trust me. Volvo just launched a new line of fashion/lifestyle accessories for their truck division. This is Volvo trucks! not SUVs, mini-vans or any other Volvo product. We are talking a line of fashion inspired by the same trucks that sweaty guys are delivering barrels of nuclear waste in or processed cheese products to 7-11. Do these guys really dress like this or did I miss that episode of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”?

[ Via: Carscoop ]


  • Jade Doel says:

    WOW! I think the target audience is not the intended user (truck drivers) but the straight acting gay men who wish they were truck drivers. Not enough flair for me in these designs, they just look boring and normal…. well they weren’t designed for me anyways!

  • cafeine says:

    haha…yanko descriptions have been a part of comedy!….much enjoyed and not bad having an opinion of what you are presenting….

    as for the clothes, apart from the first one, the other were just ordinary leather jackets etc….and very gay like presentation…

    but!…cool that a company like volvo, spends money on events like these….

  • p says:

    so this is pretty unrelated, and maybe this is a common thing at fashion shows, but I think the pixelated live video feed of the models on the backdrop is sweet.

  • Cam says:

    dude I met the guy who did these!

  • Shop From Us says:

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