Must Get Every Last Bit Out

Problem: Spoon or knife, I can’t seem to get the last bit of peanut butter out! Ugh, I know there’s totally enough left for a nice even layer on a slice of bread but short of cutting the jar I have no alternatives – or do I?

Solution: A double sided/lidded jar called the Easy PB&J.  Yes as you reach for those last few ounces, make it easier on yourself and just get the goodies from the bottom. This pretty much applies to anything sticky and sweet like honey. Mmm honey!

Designer: Sherwood Forlee


  • Jack Eckou says:

    if you open the other side, the peanut butter will fall down to the other side…its not that much better i think.

  • Christine says:

    I can see an accident happening with honey…someone forgets to tighten one end then someone opens up the other end. But it was nice to point out the common problem that everyone faces yet may have never noticed.

  • TH says:

    I’d rather use a different shape spoon than store sticky messy things in a tube.

  • sammy peeps says:

    Nice idea but how do you propose to get the peanut butter in there in the first place without having to scrape it out of another glass jar?

    • KD says:

      I think Sammy Peeps has identified the crucial flaw here…

    • Evath says:

      My thinking is that the jar would be sold to the PEANUT BUTTER, or HONEY manufacturer and THEY would fill it INSTEAD of filling a standard jar…. DUH! ;-D

  • Beatriz says:

    It´s a very clever idea. I think you can just use one side and when the jar is almost empty open the other one.

  • Lim says:

    Good design i think for sticky stuff….

  • Curves says:

    Actually a pretty good idea, it will save on the really L-O-N-G spoons. I hope they dont make them child proof though, I can never get those damn things open.

    • Demy says:

      hahaha the only thing child proofing prefents is adults using it…my friends 5 yr old knows how to use lighters already…and thats WITH the child safety block metal thing…

  • Zaxxon Q Blaque says:

    I saw a drawing for a double sided jar in a MAD or Cracked magazine once, as a joke, but I thought that it was a pretty good idea actually. Damnit, I should’ve patented it. >_<

  • ripfire4 says:

    Is it that hard to get the last bit of peanut butter out of a jar? The last time I remember scraping every last bit is when I stuck a slice of bread inside and use a butter knife to swirl it around.

    Or I could have just microwaved it and let it drip out.

  • michael says:

    Already patented!

  • Haha. I love things like that that solve those little quirky problems and you wonder why you didn’t think of it before. I felt the same way when I saw the new saran wrap boxes that have the sliding blades that cut it for you so you don’t have to rip it by hand along the cerrated edge. So much simpler. Couldn’t believe it hadn’t been thought of before.

  • Anthony says:

    Some little girl invented this already she was on Oprah. Sad, some dude is reeping the benifits. He probably saw the show.

  • d says:

    let me know what you toolmaker says 😉


  • Afivey says:

    Please tell me you’re kidding about the patent and who made this first.

  • John says:

    OK, so you have this jar, and you want to put peanut butter into it. How do you get every last drop of peanut butter out of the container it was already in? Huh, tell me this if you’re so smart.

    • Evath says:

      You must lack imagination.
      The jars that the peanut butter are now sold to Jiff, Skippy, Peter Pan, etc.,
      are replaced with the new jar, and the jars are filled at the peanut butter filling plant.

      Another idea to make this product better would be to color code AND number the lids (1 & 2, now and later, or something clever) so no one makes the mistake of opening the wrong end before they should. (which should be obvious with some items as knife and spoons would have partly emptied the jar… no so with honey or corn syrup).

      A variation on the theme could be to have a spring-loaded plunger type device that pushes the peanut butter toward the opening end of the jar so the pb gets pushed up to the consumer.

      Clever idea really and I can think of many applications for it other than food:
      Cream rinse or hair conditioner, toothpaste (in a smaller version, of course), creams and body lotions, the last of the shampoo. You’d never have to turn over and balance those containers in the shower to let the last of the shampoo run to the opening end. Yah!!!

      Thank goodness for people who are inspired. That is how the sticky note came to us, and most everything you think of.

      The thing is to take this new idea and find other, better, applications for it than the original designer intended. But to do that, one must ‘THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX’… a thing which is difficult for many people.


    • Jimmy C says:

      You're not supposed to! The *factories* will!

  • Lucian says:

    Clever. It would be nice if companies sold their peanut butter in things like this.

    However, it would need a good locking mechanism to prevent accidentally opening the wrong end.

    • Evath says:

      Color coding the lids, and naming them, or numbering them should do the trick.
      Plus if you had already removed product out of the 1 side, you’d probably be able to tell with most items on visually scanning the jar.

  • jin_woo_han says:

    I know simple idea can change the world like this~!

  • carl says:

    if its original its a great idea, for manufacturers. the main two components are easily recycleable. i know this is not considered by your average burger chomping american, but some people do care about sustainability. its better than a squeesy bottle.

    good luck. id like to see it happen.

    sammy peers pull your head out your a$$

  • bor slohcin says:

    Why not sell the peanut butter and jelly in a tube like toothpaste? No scraping involved.

  • Jeff says:

    Saw this in a mad magazine, once.

  • this is a funny post …!!

  • Juan E. says:

    Think about it….there’s crunchy peanut butter and other things that can’t come out of a “tube like toothpaste”. Hahaha.

  • Juan E. says:

    Think about it….there’s crunchy peanut butter and other things that can’t come out of a “tube like toothpaste”. Hahaha.

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