Fort Focus

I am sure everyone at one point has felt the urge to crawl into a box and hide from the world. I know I can’t live without that sense of confined privacy I get when I am tucked away in my car while in traffic, hidden behind my tinted windows. Sure, I know people can still kinda see me as I pick my nose or pound on the air drums, but I don’t care. It’s my very own little fortress from the world. “House on the table” by Soojin Hyun captures that same sense of implied privacy with its whimsical design. By creating a desk that combines bookshelves, a vaulted ceiling, four walls, look-out portals and interior lighting, you can spend your days defending your domain from the invading middle-management hordes. Just remember to wipe the war paint off your face before walking into your next meeting.

Designer: Soojin Hyun