Stir it Stir it Stir it together…

I will let the words of the master of not-so-subtle innuendo Bob Marley tell you about this latest design called “Drip” by Ayumi Ueda.

Quench me when Im thirsty;
Come on and cool me down, baby, when Im hot.

Your recipe is, – darlin – is so tasty,
When you show and stir your pot.
Come on and stir it up; …, little darlin!
Stir it up; come on, baby!
Come on and stir it up, yeah!
Little darlin, stir it up! o-oh!

Drip is available in white metal, stainless steel and acrylic.

Designer: Ayumi Ueda

Texts from the designer:

Drip is a tool to stir with. While drinking, it can be hung on the edge of the cup or glass. One can enjoy the subtlety of drops on it without worrying about making mess.

Like Drip, my work aims at turning unnoticed events in our daily lives into something we can enjoy and appreciate. I believe, that this brings us excitements and different angle on how we receive and experience the world to our attention.