Pour some light wine

A standard wine glass is one of the more beautiful shapes in our world. This vessel’s simple elegance is only rivaled by the complexity of the content it was designed to hold. Sharing a glass of wine is one of the more intimate and bonding experiences anyone can enjoy and this lamp design by mmckenna is an unprecedented way to add a little more ambiance to any evening. This cordless lamp, dubbed “Betty Lou” can be placed on most any wine glass and is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and lit by very efficient LEDs. Both are managed by proprietary circuitry which monitors the battery’s charge state, checks for short circuits, and maintains consistent brightness. Heat generated by the LED is efficiently dissipated over the surface of the anodized aluminum handle. BettyLou is engineered for optimum light output by a lens and reflector creating a warm even glow.

Designer: mmckenna Studio