Elegance on the go…

I don’t know about you guys but I am getting tired of seeing adults walking around with cups of coffee and those silly little sippy cup to-go tops. We are grown ups, can’t we all manage to drink our coffees or teas on the go without spilling it all over ourselves? What are we 6 years old? Laurent Corio has added a little taste of elegance and maturity to a commonly used convenience. By making the saucer section serve double duty as the to-go top, this cup design dubbed “To Go” is a great way to look like an English man in New York and not a child drinking his milk.

Designer: Laurent Corio


  • MF'08 says:

    in times of high oil prices, and crude oil (!) we can't produce stuff like that. this is 100% plastics, isn't it?

    🙂 but good style.

  • MF'08 says:

    in times of high oil prices, and crude oil (!) we can’t produce stuff like that. this is 100% plastics, isn’t it?

    🙂 but good style.

  • TEST says:


  • Grim says:

    On the other hand, how do you drink when you’re not on the go?

  • Grim says:

    I like the design of that bag the turist is carrying.

  • igreenspot says:

    ah … simple yet genius idea, now I can drink my coffee like an adult

  • zippyflounder says:

    made of bio degradeable bio plastic its cool,

  • RS08 says:

    I don’t think that cup is very elegant but the idea is nice. Finally the not-so-unique on the go cups can be replaced!

  • Abektes says:

    Very cool

  • tom says:

    nice, and i know im being picky but surley you wouldnt be able to actually finish the drink, the hole is too high up!

  • Elepski says:

    could be made of ceramic…..

  • Ashwin Mudigonda says:

    Excellent! Practical and a beautiful marriage of function and form. If only the bland plastic facade was decked with some colorful swirls, this would sell!!

  • bO66y says:

    hmmm … perhaps the opening is a little “odd” … should be able to drink from … but you’re gonna be locking lips over this little gap … hehe like a bottle or something … Would it spill as you tilt it over your lips? How to create a seal over the saucer and cup?

    This bland thing we see in the picture is probably a hand made prototype?

    Plastics isn’t going to b too expensive … if you have a high demand volume … select a choice of material … PP or PC ? Add motiffs to the sides … you should have a take a away cup to go. Don’t think StarBucks is gonna give them cups like these away …

    I feel its very possible to manufacture … any interested buyers?

  • nwdesigner says:

    To respond to the last comment on the “beautiful marriage of function and form.” I’m going to disagree based on 2 key functional flaws in the design. 1. i would be astonished if the “saucer” would actually form a seal when in “drink” mode. 2. Like someone said before, coffee would sit in the crevasse while drinking – this dictates a awkward drinking experience for the user. i don’t want to dis completely on the design/concept, because it could be done with the same concept just a different form and probably work.

  • gtsai says:

    I don’t see how not spilling water make you more adult… It basically just a cup that prevent spill isn’t? I still think the form, and function (the size and capacity of water, the hole for flow) can be improve more.

  • Christine says:

    This design looks like a child’s sippy cup. It completely defeats any “adult” purpose described in the introductory paragraph. I would be completely embarrassed to be seen walking around the city with this.

  • Afivey says:

    I prefer just to sit down and drink my coffee, and if I’m really in a hurry I just order an espresso.

  • zoosty says:

    i dont like it.

  • paul sandip says:

    in picture no. 2, the nose is touching the object….is that desirable?…i don’t think so!

  • edel says:

    this would spill just as easily if not more so than the snap-on ones it seems…

  • Maestro says:

    That ufo dish has nothing to do atop there either in portability, help contol noise( 🙂 ) while drinking of hot liquids, feasibility to manufacture. This design is a complete loss of labor and effort in mass manufacture without any achievement successfullier. You can`t drink a hot coffee like a bottle of cola. Also it has no breathing hole. Accidental crashes with this dishcap doesn`t sound safe though. Aimless crap.

  • imsilentfish says:

    I can’t imagine to drink from the small opening neatly while on the go without “spilling it all over ourselves”,at least “spilling it all over the plate”……

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