This Thumb Drive Has Real Buzz…

One of the biggest issues with USB peripherals is the protruding nature of any design. From a Bluetooth adaptor to the tiniest of Flash Memory Drives, they all stick out like a sore thumb(drive). This issue with these protrusions is not just aesthetics, but function. USB peripherals are constantly being accidentally ripped out, knocked off or jammed into your computer causing not only damage to the external item but the computer’s USB plug itself. Serbian designer Damjan Stankovic, believes that flexibility in design can solve this problem. His “USBee” Flash Memory Drive won the first prize at the MS Industrial USB Competition held by the Serbian Design Community forum DizajnZona™. Ergonomically designed to bend at life’s will in any direction, this USB flash drive features a vented housing for cooling(I did not realize these needed cooling), and a detachable protective cap that snaps onto the back end of the device when not in use. No word yet if this will go into production, so all claims of memory capacity are a moot point.

Designer: Damjan Stankovic [ Via: Design East ]

Because it can squeeze into really tight spaces between the computer and any other object it cannot cause any physical damage to your PC that happens when the USB is accidentally knocked over.

The electronics are located in an aluminum shell which is covered in yellow silicon/rubber. The bottom part of the USBee has breathing holes within the silicone so that the aluminum can dissipate through and keep device cool.


  • Ian says:

    Great presentation boards! Clear, well layed out, I love it. The products neat as well 🙂

  • Nacon says:

    OH Snap! (yes, that’s the sound of my old thumbdrive)

    I’d buy that!

  • paul sandip says:

    it couldn’t have been better!…awesome!!!!…i’m in love with it already!

  • bystander says:

    honestly- I think that this thing is awesome- not because it looks like a bee, but because it is flexible- at work we have gone through 4 shared thumb drives in the last 6 months b/c when it is in the front of the computer somene ends up kicking it and breaking the usb connector off

  • s1pacrat says:

    If this was in production, I would go buy it right now.

    Make it!!!

  • scarbrtj says:

    Speaking words of wisdom: let it bee, let it bee.

  • andrew says:

    please tell me there actually going to make this. :o)

  • ludwigk says:

    things is too large. The tiny ones the size of a trident stick of gum are the way to go. They don’t block other devices, fit in slim profile USB ports, and don’t take up excessive amounts of space. You just gotta worry about losing them, or swallowing them, etc.

  • Jakus says:

    its nice to see yanko finally pushing the boundries a bit. ventilation is good. but i want smaller flash drives!!!! tiny ones, that only protrude like 5mm!

    ps Sandisk Titanium FTW

  • AlexTheSane says:

    How long before the connectors between the drive and the USB plug wear out with all of the flexing that it does?

  • pliSkiNAKE says:

    I would use it. There have been multiple times where I have almost broken my thumb drive in my laptop because I was moving it or someone was setting something else down next to it. The flexibility is important. Vents though, not needed. I want to be able to spill a drop or two of water on it without worrying.

  • desostros says:

    Is ventilation really necessary on an USB thumb drive?

  • mumin says:

    oh bee-have!

  • odin6045 says:

    LOVE IT, i had to buy a new computer due to those hard plastic thumbdrives, they kept breaking the usb ports. (all 12 ports to be exact)

  • TH says:

    I like the design, it looks great and has a clear purpose. Even now with USB-drives coming in all shapes and sizes and them being in every pocket and being dished out like candy in conferences, this brings something new to it. And crucially, rather than taking the “let’s put a flash drive in [fill in any office or household item]” -route, this is a functional redesign of the classic stick.

    I’m a bit worried about the “neck” and how durable this is, also, as someone pointed out the cooling part is also a potential vulnerability. The USB-drives are probably more likely to take a beating when not plugged in; while being carried in pockets, around your neck or in your bag. If this is more vulnerable than average in those conditions, the extra survival skills this has when plugged in might be wasted.

  • rick says:

    What? Everything hasn’t been done before?

    It is good to see great design in such everyday items.

    This is my new fave covered in silicon:
    The Cone

  • Vood says:


    Where I can bui this USB key ?
    I not found on the shop :s


  • here is the link to full presentation

    Thanks for putting this on.


  • Its still not in the production but it will be soon.

  • alz says:

    this thing is so cool I can’t believe they could make a memorychip so cute

  • geno says:

    where to get one and wat is the price?

  • petnos says:

    its wonderful.

  • carl says:

    Ask yourself would someone pay a premium for this over a standard item that would be well over half the price that does the exact same?

    its an idea carried by aesthetics. a freebe a give away item of disposable eye candy. dont get me wrong there is a market for this type of stuff. but given the choice of twice the storage in a standard rectangular shape or half the storage in a wasps ass. i know what i would go for..

    PS it is more wasp like than Bee like..

  • Dave says:

    Where can I buy it?

    If it was for sale, THEY WOULD TELL YOU. PS, this is a concept design website. “Hey, nice time travel machine sketch. Where can I buy one?”


  • yongzhan says:

    Very nice design!if this was in prduction,I would go buy it right nowtoo.

  • Roman says:

    If you make it , I’ll order it right away!

  • Barnabas says:

    Hi Damjan! Is there any chance to buy usbee once?


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