The Knot You Should Not Be Without

Unlike other bulky supplemental power banks, BOLD Knot is a stylish, pocket-sized charger and a power bank for any smartphone. It uses a fashionable, knot-shaped design that’s unrecognizable as a peripheral charger. Tiny battery pack… big power! Get up to 3 hours of extra talk time, 2.5 hours of internet, or 8 hours of music.

Designer: BOLD Gadgets


  • RY says:

    You might want to start checking before posting. This is a blatant cheap copy from the detail shot. Not exact copy because of the battery but design process definitely not as said.

    And since Indiegogo allow scam to do project on their side. I expect Yanko (as my first choice to see what great up and coming design) to start doing background check and not just posting.


    your faithful reader who want Yanko to keep doing great.

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