Rocky Radio

The Natural Radio concept is a bit convoluted in its approach changing volume and frequency. Instead of dials or buttons, it uses a scale. By placing stones on either sides of the scale, you have organic control over radio. Functionality isn’t really the idea here. This is clearly an attempt to humanize a device that pretty much revolutionized communication. Can you image how many stones you’d have to pack on to get the right volume.

Designer: Cheol-Ki Jo


  • bystander says:

    That’s just way too much work.

  • CColdsmoke says:

    Never seen a gadget that came with the means with which you can destroy it when you get frustrated by its interface.

  • Oneon1isto says:

    I must be the only one who thinks this is badass.

    For someone who likes their rooms with lots of earth tones, this is great. I’ve always been slightly annoyed with the boring black/grey/faux-chrome colors offered by electronics. Then along came the ipod (OOOH, white!) It’s either that or the bright hooker hues of red and pink if you’re poorly attempting to sell to women.

    And while I wouldn’t want all of my controls set up in this way, I think changing volume based on constant pressure is quite sweet, and in some ways easier. Of course you’d want a remote override, but there’s something classically easy about walking by and just grabbing a rock or two to adjust the volume instead of having to fumble about with one of your multiple remotes.

  • The GFC! says:

    I would love this radio. I like the idea. It is extremely impractical, but that is of course the idea. It could take you quite a while to find the channel you want.

    Mostly I just see this becoming a clutter station for heavy little odds and ends around the house that have eclectically gathered on the surface to listen to the radio. I can almost see a kitchen pan setting on the tuner scale with various trinkets piled in it and the radio fuzzing in and out.


  • Astr0boy says:

    It make me think to the reactable

    Turn the stone could vary volume.. Great idea.

  • leoleok says:

    It´s wonderfull !

    If you were blind, you would love this. And after you understand how it works, you can put in the favorite station with 2 medium stones, for example. Using this interface, you could set the clock alarm, set a playlist in the mp3 device, everything that have favorites options.

    sayonara !

  • leoleok says:

    it´s very wabi-sabi. I love this things !

  • Woo says:

    it can make many funny thing~

    thank u .. i get a new idea from this!!!

  • Tsiry says:

    I love it!

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