Canvas by Kyle Cherry

Designer Kyle Cherry has envisaged a new type of computer with creatives in mind. Called simply “Canvas”, the computer is designed to increase the quality and productivity of the designer or artist. It is intended to allow a user with little or no experience to make the switch from traditional to digital workflows by building the system around a more familiar interface. This concept should even make Wacom Clinq owners jealous.

Designer: Kyle Cherry


  • sebey says:

    I want this now!

  • TheAdAgency says:

    Ah, borrowing the keyboard aesthetic and function from a Sinclair ZX80. I salute you good sir.

  • bystander says:

    love the form factor but not too keen on the shiny surface, I hate how I would need to wipe out my finger prints to keep it cool looking all the time.

  • Scilly Guy says:

    So long as it comes in a matte finish that is fine!

  • Adam says:

    It’s very beautiful, imagine the fingerprints after a while though.

  • Avid D. says:

    Pretty; heck, I was drooling when I first saw it. But after a bit of though… It looks awkward to use, except for the raised screen mode.

    Unless you can hit the keyboard through the closed screen, does that mean you have to keep lifting said screen to actually type?

    And the flat mode, you pretty much have to be leaning over the PC to see the screen clearly (which, a lot of artists do with regular paper, anyway)

    *Shrug* I think it’s a gorgeous design, but inconvenient in some modes and ergonomically incorrect in others. Still. Cool.

  • Chris says:

    yeah…. leaf the navigator away and this is truly how the NEXT computers should look like

    maybe different sizes to match actual paper sizes…

    it would just feel like a sketchbook, if it had its own power suply wow! what a blast whould that be, working like analog but with all the advances of digital (CTRL+Z)

    (by the way i’ve been drawing on cintiq’s and i love it)

  • Ian says:

    This computer design, unlike some, is somewhat realistic and achievable. It would work for any user; the touch screen is optional, as you can switch to keyboard mode easily. I would buy one.

  • jehzlau says:

    it’s like an intuos tablet with PC. 😀 Anyway, it’s awesome!

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