The Orb of Hi-fi Audio


You may have heard of the name Crazybaby. They’re the guys behind Mars, a high fidelity speaker, that levitates. After that absolute biggie, the crazy audio nerds are back with Luna Eye, a spherical speaker with quite some street cred. Not only does it pack a punch in the sound department, it also can be paired with more of its kind to create a network of audio devices that can stream from a single source. It also can WiFi pair outdoors, which is great because it has its own WiFi network and doesn’t rely on your home WiFi.

The Luna Eye gets its name from the eye shaped element in the centre. The ‘eye’ is actually a tweeter, or secondary speaker, that is used for notification sounds, so your audio doesn’t get interrupted. Around this secondary speaker is a ring of light that complements the tweeter to give you visual feedback. The coolest part however, is the fact that the secondary speaker moves back and forth to tell you if your device is successfully connected to it. Now isn’t that way too cool?!

Designer: Crazybaby