Watch Out Mighty Mouse, Memory Mouse Is Here

No matter how awesome the Mighty Mouse is (Apple’s version, not the cartoon), it’s low on brains. Enter the Memory Mouse, you’re atypical hockey puck style mouse complete with 4 or 8 GB of built-in memory and a touch scroll wheel.

Love the concept since it’ll save me from using another USB port but I see some flaws. One – this means I have to take my mouse everywhere I go. Two – it’s not wireless. Three – Apple already did the hockey puck design and it proved to be less than fantastic for everyday use.

Designer: Miji Rhoe

Text from the designer: Memory Mouse has such a compact form, controlled by only four fingers. This design will lessen the contact surface to provide hygienic condition and also make your bag lighter than ever.


  • billy says:

    thanks for noting the obvious flaws. the apple puck mouse, may i add, was introduced ten years ago and has been put down as one of the worst tech products of all time. Even then it was dome shaped so you could at least hold it. the designer has clearly never come across the terms ergonomics, or anthropometrics for that matter.

    • bystander says:

      you know billy, I been reading your comments here on yanko and they are nothing but rude. Since you know so much why don’t you ACTUALLY offer suggestions where they can improve on the design? At least that way you are helpful.

      • billy says:

        dear good bystander, i will try and present my critique in a more constructive fashion. much love billy x

    • Rono says:

      Wow, that was so unnecessary.

      Yes, we know how horrible the apple puck idea was, we don’t need you to elaborate the obvious, buddy.

  • Scilly Guy says:

    I’m with Billy! (Could I get that on a T Shirt?) Could someone tell me why I need memory in my mouse? Perhaps a wifi mouse storage device of somekind perhaps, bluetooth maybe, no no wireless usb! There we go I got there and lets see maybe if we make it cubic then it’ll be nice to hold!

  • AG says:

    Without a doubt I’m the harshest critiquing bast*rd on this blog, and I strive to do so in hopes the designers read my comments and improve their thinking and skills. I’m not out to be nice, that’s useless.

    I didn’t comment on this design because it is not design.

  • llilola says:

    It’s so awesome*&^%$#

  • Dean :-) says:

    Hey, its a nice concept, however most external hard drives brake when moved destructively when in use, or when it is dropped it can break… i know with my mouse when i get angry i bang it on the desk… so is this some kink of “special” hard drive, or is it immune to this kind of treatment… its a pretty cool idea, just needs to be refined ergonomically, i can imagine it would be uncomfortable to use. xox

    • saltynay says:

      Not all hdds dislike being abused:
      (its an old article but valid first one I found through google)

      Could always use flash which is also more resistant in many cases. Putting memory in mice isn’t a new idea quite alot of gaming mice have upto 64mb of onboard memory however this is used for macros instead of usable storage. The shape is awful as stated perhaps one more intune with razer designs would be much more ergonomic and you would need 2 models one for people that use there fingers for movement and another for people that use there palms. After all these things are factored in you have priced yourself almost entirely out of the market imo.

    • Jimmy C says:

      See, Billy, that's the way to respond to a not so good design.

    • Jimmy C says:

      See, Billy, that's the way to respond to a not so good design.

  • Sally says:

    Hideous mouse and looks really uncomfortable, not for me I'm afraid!

  • Sally says:

    Hideous mouse and looks really uncomfortable, not for me I'm afraid!

  • coltin says:

    i just like the touch scroll idea

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