Tree, Wood, Teeth And All

In 2005 a mighty hurricane smashed into Sweden leveling forests and destroying the livelihood of local loggers. Many of the felled trees couldn’t be saved and were left to rot. As a testament to her father whom tried to fight the big corporations looking to cash in, designer Eveline Johansson used wood from the fallen trees to create a chair with no screws or glue and names it after him, Roger Sven Jorgen.

Everything is held together by carved teeth, like a zipper. The legs and arms are interchangable leaving you the option to configure it however you want. As a final testament, the wood is left untreated still bearing the grey scar marks from the storm.

Designer: Evelina Johansson


  • billy says:

    alternating between functions – whether its an unstable three legs, or adding totally unfunctional arm rests. it is stepping back in evolution.

    • kuan says:

      The first time i saw this i was totally confused too!
      i think we all got confused;; it seems to have 4 legs and 2 arms, so you won’t be sacrificing anything.

  • Jamie says:

    I think this is an excellent concept, clever use of construction techniques, as for the arms they do look quite thin.

  • Guys,I think tree look is in demand now a days…few days ago I found tree coffee tables then after i found tree motifs as a room divider & now I found this one. I am just surprised with this different look 🙂

  • Rono says:

    Cute. Reminds me of those foam carpets with the removable letters.

    Armrests look a bit too small.

  • Naroka says:

    Very cool, modern yet rustic somehow.

  • Mosaic says:

    that armrest might broke, but this chair is really great in design.

  • Mosaic says:

    that armrest might broke, but this chair is really great in design.

  • Massimo says:

    OK it’s nice, but who will use a chair like this. Maybe in a cabin, lodge, mountain area, not very commercial though; but yes, the design loks great, so congrats.

  • Nick says:

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  • Alex Isana says:

    Even though this post is quite old, I have to say the chair is still very strong. Just recently saw it in a furniture store in Miami called Go Modern at

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