Traditional Czechoslovakian glassmakers handcraft these multifaceted glass crystal light fixtures

Bomma implements the Czechoslovakian craft of glassmaking to produce whimsical, yet elegant displays of glass crystal light fixtures.

Bomma is a glassmaking company that specializes in the traditional Czechoslovakian craft of glassmaking to produce customized household fixtures and decorative interior elements. The tradition dates back centuries in the East Bohemia region of the Czech Republic. Bringing it into the contemporary world, modern technologies and bespoke machinery join arms with master craftsmen to deliver fixtures rooted in history built for today’s world.

Designer: Bomma, Dechem Studio, studio deFORM, rückl, Ota Svoboda

Hailing from Dechem Studio, studio deFORM, and rückl, the designers, including Ota Svoboda, behind Bomma’s recent line have been inspired by irregular shapes of the natural world. The craftsmen work with six tons of refined, extra-clear crystal each and every day to add to the company’s eighteen collections of light fixtures. Five different glass crystal compositions comprise Bomma’s Constellations project, which takes one of the five crystal compositions and configures them into bespoke lighting fixtures.

The Pyrite collection, inspired by the mineral of its namesake, is defined by and recognized for its cubic structure. “By blowing a molten organic substance into a precise cold form, the skilled hands of our glassmakers create a unique light fixture of [an] elemental, yet perfect shape,” the glassmakers at Bomma go on to describe, “The gleaming surface of this hand-blown crystal cube is enclosed from three sides by a polished metal component in either silver or gold tones.”

The Dark & Bright Star collection takes fun house lighting and gives it a touch of coordinated elegance to resemble the look of a starry night sky. “The light source is placed within each mouth-blown piece,” the craftsmen describe the textured glass covering as, “the shining center of a precisely cut crystal star.”

Keeping with the same whimsical personality, Bomma’s Soap Mini collection consists of an asymmetrical collection of raindrop-shaped glass light bulbs. When configured in a cluster together, the light bulbs are meant to take on the look of irregular, cartoon clouds of soap bubbles as the designers note, “Each piece is hand-blown without a mold, producing an original in both shape and color.”

Bomma describes the Lens collection as “hypnotic,” for its bulbous glass coverings and shaded color tones. Characterized by two convex lens coverings that encase the bulb’s light source, “two lenses harmoniously encapsulate their interior light source, playing a symphony of reflections.

In close collaboration with Bomma’s sister brand, Rückl, the Metamorphosis collection “combines the talents of these sister glassmaking brands – the breathtaking art of hand-cut crystal from Rückl, with exceptional technical solutions and the principle of light constellations typical for Bomma.”

The fixtures stand out for their snakeskin-like textures that form into the shapes of Chinese lanterns. Coated in muted tones of black, amber, and white, the Metamorphosis collection is all about the mood lighting.

Suspended from the ceiling, the collections of light fixtures create dazzling chandelier displays. 

The craftsmen work with heavy glass fixtures using only their hands and bespoke machinery. 

Requiring a team of builders, the light fixtures are handblown and molded into shape.

Each step of the process is delicate and requires the finest touch.