Animal psychology governs the design of this smart pet water dispenser

Have you ever walked into someone’s house or office and they have this cool showpiece with a water fountain? I am talking about those mini zen gardens or crazy shapes that have constant flowing water – it always catches your attention if you see it. That same behavior works for pets too actually, they are more attracted to flowing water than a stagnant water bowl and this award-winning smart pet water dispenser does exactly that!

The PetX smart pet water dispenser designed by Beijing Kitten&Puppy Technology Co. was one of the iF Design Awards 2020 winners and rightfully so – they used the simplest animal behavioral psychology pattern and applied it to a product that worked for pets. Instead of a regular water bowl, this smart water dispenser provides clean running water for pets anytime. Flowing water is better for your pet’s health as still water has a higher chance of becoming contaminated and leading to things like urinary tract infections. Your pets are likely to drink more water due to the innovative and inviting mechanism.

The brand has a patented water flow structure designed for keeping the water clean by filtering impurities and keeping the volume below 30dB. The form of the product has a 7° slope which works universally i.e. pets with different face shapes will be able to comfortably drink water and you won’t have to buy separate bowls for multiple pets. The PetX water dispenser offers access to the IoT and has a voice control feature as well. The water frequency can be automatically switched for day and nighttime use and in case of a power failure, the water tray will still store 100 ml so your pets can remain hydrated. You’ve reached the end of this article and this is a reminder for you and your pet to drink some water.

The PetX smart water dispenser is a winner of the iF Design Award for the year 2020.

Designer: Beijing Kitten&Puppy Technology Co.