A chair designed to surprise you


Nice looking chair, right? Reminds me of the Solid Gray Hardshell Backpack, if I’m being honest. However the incredible thing about the chair isn’t its edgy, low-poly design… but rather it’s what the low-poly design can help the chair do. Scroll down to image 4 and look at the way the chair allows you to recline just by virtue of the flexibility the design offers. Made in plywood and felt, but designed to feel almost like a lycra-esque stretchable fabric, the chair casually stretches backwards and inwards from the sides when you lean back, going from a conventional seat to a more reclined chair.

It’s rather clever how the seemingly rigid chair turns out in fact to be flexible, with a clever detail in how when you lean back, you get these makeshift arm-rests that form under your hands! It’s probably for that very reason the Flex Chair won the Core77 Design Award this year.

Designer: Honglin Liu