Air purifier for your little one

What is more important than looking after our own health? Its looking after that of a new-born! PURIO has been designed to make this task just that little bit easier, as well as making the parents busy and unpredictable lifestyle a bit less stressful!

This unique design clips onto the stroller that the little one resides in, and rather ingeniously purifies the air directly in front of them, removing fine dust and pollutants from the air and stopping them from reaching their developing lungs! To elevate the use of PURIO further, a secondary function has been seamlessly integrated into the unique form; mounted on the top of the device is a camera that provides a constant feed to the parent’s smart device, providing them with reassurance!

Designers: Hyeseung Nam & Fountain Studio

Place the cradle in a stroller bar and tilt it to adjust the camera angle.

Inside the filter cartridge, there is a pre-filter to filter out large dust and HEPA filter for purifying fine dust. LED light on the right button informs you when filters need to be replaced.

The application notifies you of today’s air quality and alerts you when air purification is required. Through the camera on the top of PURIO, you can check what your kid is doing in real-time.