Cutting-Edge Chariot

As the race for developing ultra-efficient vehicles continues, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of making advances in more old-fashion mobility. The H2X horse-drawn hitch design applies modern materials to a straightforward, contemporary form that together give a glimpse into the future of leisure riding.

Designer: Hall Design


  • A couple of issue with the design:
    With only one central shaft on the carriage to harness the horses it would be very dangerous for the driver and the passenger, even more so for a single driver as their weight will be shifted to one side by forcing them to sit into a defined seat.
    The danger lies in the carriage flipping over on the left or right if it hit a bump in the road going at a fast pace, which is highly likely because your center of gravity is so high.

    Also because there is only one shaft, if harness does come loose (which does happen) there is no safety net of a second shaft to be strapped to.
    Going at speed, your central shaft would dig into the ground and pole-vault your driver and passenger into the air almost certainly seriously injuring them.

    Your mudguards look to be attached to the body of the carriage so when the spring is compressed you run the risk of the wheel rubbing against the belly of the mudguard.

    The way the suspension is designed, you are putting a lot of physical stress on a single point where the moving joint of the wheel is attached to the carriage which would probably be the first thing to wear away.

    And finally, while this is a novel idea towards polution and going green… revival of horse and carriage use on a large scale have a negative side too. Where would we keep the animals in a city or town setting, where would the food come from. They produce a lot of manure which would attract flies and pests.

    All in all it lives up to the Yanko mantra of ‘Form before Function’ and would probably be a real-world design failure.

    And to question my opinion….
    I have grown up around horses and carriages, we own about 6 different types and I’ve watched them be built and broken apart. I’ve seen accidents described above and am sure that you would kill a lot of people and animals.

    What ever happened to designing for function rather than shitting out concepts?

  • Roger Hardie says:

    I couldn’t have said it better!

  • Guillaume Diolez says:

    it is a concept … The idea is to redraw the frome precisely. It is obvious that design work is needed to develop this model but it is simply a forward-looking concept … Obviously you seem to be attached to the function but don’t worry, you will have probably no opportunity to drive this chariot 😉
    Produce concepts allow us to express our creativity and to rethink some use as in this case. Obviously you exceed it.

    Have a nice day !


  • Guillaume Diolez says: redraw the form*..

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