Styrofoam Sofa

Designer Kwangho Lee thought it would be clever to take old sheets of styrofoam and mold them into furniture. Now before birds, polar bears, rabbits, and treehuggers clobber me, I want to say it’s just a concept. Nobody is really going to make styrofoam furniture. But to the material’s credit, it does get warmer the longer you sit on it.

Designer: Kwangho Lee


  • adam says:

    Wins “least environmentally friendly concept of the year” as far as I know…

    • Marty says:

      How is reusing OLD styrofoam to make furniture less environmentally friendly than cutting down a tree to make a wooden chair, or a Chinese factory burning tons of coal to melt the steel needed for a metal chair, or the gallons of oil needed to make a plastic chair?

      I hope your couch cushions are made from old tshirts stuffed with pine straw and grass clippings and not synthetic fibers and upholstery foam..

      And just so you know, reusing old materials is about a thousand times more environmentally friendly than recycling them, since youre not wasting energy and burning fuels in order to melt them down for use in new products. But the reason you have recycling beat into your heads but no one says a peep about reusing is because reusing saves the consumer money, whereas recycling saves the corporations money.

  • a says:

    what a waste of time and blog space, its seriuosly ridiclulous

  • Passer-by says:

    Won’t the styrofoam sofa break when you sit on it?

  • aaantique says:

    Your a bit late in the idea, the use of syrofoam for furniture was used in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. I have a set of 4 chairs that are made of molded styrofoam, similar to a surfboard blank that is in the shape of a bucket chair and upholstered, they are still useable today almost 40 years later. I will be putting them on craislist san diego and ebay so keep your eyes open for them!

  • visitor says:

    beautiful~ love them

  • Canastrophy says:

    A Sofa? I would have used a bigger block and carved a little cave! :3

  • liam says:

    mmm, i don’t get whats so un-environmental about this concept. Recycling polystyrene from packaging and upgrading it to a piece of furniture is a good thing. It means the styrene doesn’t end up in landfill. “But to the material’s credit, it does get warmer the longer you sit on it” this is not really a good thing.

  • kael says:

    max lamb produced a series of seats with a similar concept a while ago already.

  • Matthew says:

    I want to make one with some styrofoam i got from the trash. Exactly how is it done? Is glue used to hold it together?

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