Upcycled Vintage Automotive turned Furniture

There’s nothing quite like a good Steampunk project to get your engine revving – unless of course you’ve got a bunch of car and motorcycle parts lying around and can go the extra mile. Upcycling is one of the most awesome ways to express your love for using things twice, and with fantastically lovely looking vehicle parts like this, furniture pieces never looked so hardcore! Classified Moto brings you their own unique take on the current state of industrial auto furniture and accessories here.

This collection of pieces comes from Classified Moto’s extended collection of real usable and for-sale works meant to impress both you and any car-loving guests you might have pop over for a drink. Transmission gears, Japanese motorcycle bits, and more springs than the junkyard knew what to do with – that’s what you’ll be getting here. Have a peek at a few of the group’s newest amalgamations!

Designer: Classified Moto


  • Allanbritto says:

    I like the roughness and I think it will fit well contemporary spaces.

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