A New Scoop on Measuring Cups

Measuring cup designs have changed throughout the years from the old metal design style to a more modern design. However, the newer designs have always been on the cool side of design, but far from being reliable. A New York design company, Pollen Design, has created a newer version of the measuring cup called NuScup. NuScup, is an adjustable measuring scoop that comes with a co-molded seal. There is no risk of breakage in the seal that might cause loss of product being measured. NuScup allows for both dry and liquid products, and can be opened up for easy cleaning. It also has included a magnet for easy storage. Currently selling online at Amazon for $18.00 USD.

Designer: Pollen Design


  • chetan sorab says:

    makes my life easy. Nice

  • Brian says:

    Not so new, Pollen Design has been trying to sell this design for years – I think I first came across it in 2004 on their website. I’ve used this design in the past and while okay for dry goods, it has a tendency to leak with liquids like soy sauce and vinegar.

  • jonthegamer says:

    Also the idea isnt new. There is something like this at that big kitchen store(and some cooks on the food network use it) that is a cylinder.

  • I3ee says:

    that so cool!!

    I like its design

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