Can You Hook Me Up with One of Those?

Here is a new design, that we haven’t seen a lot of lately. I personally do not own a coat hanger, because the past designs have been, well, quite boring, and do not fit with the style of my home. Here we have a very modern and stylish coat hanger that can work perfectly in any home environment, and one you would be pleased to have on display. Bo Strange designed this coat hanger out of laminate veneer. It hangs from the ceiling and doesn’t take up much space. Dimensions are: L 360 x W 125 x 11 mm.

Designer: Bo Strange


  • Kendra says:

    … How luxuriously extravagant to not own a coat hanger just because it doesn’t fit into your style.



  • Christine says:

    Something about this actually does take up a lot of space. Since it’s rather sparkly and a show-off piece, it was not quite made to be stuffed in a tiny closet. And given that it’s hanging, there must be sufficient cushion room all around the product to allow for movement of the user and the product as it dangles. I don’t find this product very practical. As you put your scarf on to hang, the piece will flow away from you in movement since it is not attached to the floor. Not easy to hang your items.

  • kim says:

    that’s a pretty bra hanging from it

  • Gee says:

    Where could one buy this and how much? Thx

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