Driveable Volkswagen electric office chair for workaholics who never want to get up

Who on earth would have imagined a mobile office chair to come from the house of Volkswagen? Yes, this is not a gimmick, rather, a unique piece of furniture with a deep automotive connection at the functional level.

The all-electric chair is created by the German automotive giant’s Commercial Vehicles division (situated in Norway) in collaboration with creative strategy firm Try. They’ve rolled in as many features in an office chair, as one can think to have from the existing line-up of vehicles. Quite wittily, the VW press release says the creation is “to laugh at people who are stuck working an office job.”

Designer: Volkswagen and Try

It can drive and have LED lights, an infotainment system, and assisted systems too. Now, that’s too much for an office chair if you ask me. The user-friendly features are also adapted from the VW electric cars for a workplace on five wheels like none other. Months of work have been put into the making of this work-from-home furniture that isn’t yet road legal but looks absolutely wantable.

For a geeky automotive affectionate the VW chair drives at a top speed of 12.4 m/h and a maximum range of 7.5 miles. There’s a rear-view camera and 360-degree sensors to detect anyone hurling your way while driving in the hallway. To keep the occupant engaged, the entertainment system comes preloaded with feel-good songs, so that you’re glued to the chair all the time. When wintertime hits, the seat warmer keeps you cozy for binge-watching hours at a go. The chair has a storage compartment to keep all the gadgets handy and even a trailer hitch for all the paperwork.

For now, the chair is not available to buy, but still, it’s on the back of the mind of VW because they “always prioritize people who actually need a car for work.” The consolation though is the fact that the fully loaded electric chair can be test driven at local dealerships in the coming months.