Ten Fantastic Kitchen Concepts

I know how enthusiastic most of our readers are about cooking, so this round-up should have been my top priority. Better late than never, they say. So here’s a list of Ten Innovative and Creative Kitchen Concepts seen on YD. Some may beg to differ, but that’s ok, we are all allowed to have our opinions. Point is, we all love to cook in a classy, futuristic kitchen!

10) Kitchen Drawer by Nojae Park

Ten Fantastic Kitchen Concepts

Compact and all-inclusive with a fridge; I can see this kind of kitchens being sold in the future, touted as height of modularity! There are four main parts to this set: a stainless plate for warming up food, an electric stove for cooking, a dish drawer for storage, and a mini-fridge.

9) Aion by Antoin Lebrun


You have to hand it out to designers for trying to incorporate the “Green” element into their designs. For instance, this kitchen features specialized plants that were developed by the aerospace industry for their filtering and cleaning properties. If it has to be Green, then it may as well be the Aion.

8 ) Transportable Kitchenette by Aurelien Banerjee & Olivier Picard


This kitchenette was designer for outdoor usage by charitable organizations who do a lot of field works and require nourishing their charges. A simple electric socket is all this needs to get it going.

7) Mood Kitchen by Scavolini


Who doesn’t like a chic sophisticated kitchen, with oodles of space and charm!

6) Lift Modular Kitchen by Michel Cornu



Lift is a kitchen concept that has truly captured the essence of the word modular. It’s tough to explain this in words, which is why I am showing you all the images for it here. It’s a kitchen with several modules mounted on the wall, and can slide up and down, as per usage.

5) L’Evoluzione by Giancarlo Vegni for Effeti


Another chic kitchen with the essentials neatly tucked into drawers and special nooks. Something that we always dream of having, but alas, always out of reach.

4) All In One Kitchen by Sebastien Poupeau


The mother-of-all Single platform kitchens! One slab and that’s it….you don’t need anything else to call it your cooking space. It houses a main work top, which is height-adjustable, food cutting area, digital screen, dining table, induction hobs and an oven, a sink and its drying rack, dishwasher with two separated racks! What more could you want.

3) Outpost Kitchen by Simon Kingston & James Rennick


Sized as filing cabinet with extendable surfaces, this is the ultimate in modular kitchen. It may lack in glam-quotient; but for all practical purposes, this is a fully functional cook-spot that can operate anywhere…office, home, backyard….anywhere!

2) Grandma’s Kitchen by Melanie Olle & Ilja Oelschlägel


A series of latches and slides helps you to transform this wall unit from a kitchen to a dining table and back. An interesting way of going from cook-mode to dining-mode in a jiffy.

1) Multifunctional Kitchen by Wiwat Pitakpongsanit


Another single-slab module kitchen, but the difference is that you can customize it as per your needs. This versatile space can be reconfigured; depending upon what you want where. Totally Awesome!