High Tech Napkins

We saw several napkin idea concepts last year but this is the first to utilize e-ink and RF technology. The Napkin PC is designed for group collaborations. Each pen transmits your doodles to the base station which is a PC in disguise. That information gets processed and displayed on the napkin like e-ink paper. Cool idea but someone better make sure nobody decides to wipe their dirty lunch stains with one.

Designer: Avery Holleman


  • thomas says:

    good job. i go to school with this guy haha

  • Ipodrulz says:

    Wow.. I actually love the idea! I just think they need a different interface, not windows.

  • Empire says:

    No company would buy this, given the high likelihood that their technologically inept employees (aka managers) would end up running a bunch of thousand-dollar “napkins” through the shredder, balling them up and tossing them, etc.

  • DS says:

    This is the worst design i’ve ever seen
    good try, but stupid application. designer seems to be obssesed with high tech too much.

  • Joe says:

    In certain industries, this is a great solution–espec. when it comes to design. I want one!

  • Masterjoefus says:

    i would buy it; regret it; get pissed off; swear it to hell; buy it again.

  • Tehronin says:

    I love the idea/concept/the whole 9.

    However I do not see it with todays technology thats for sure. maybe 5-10 years down, maybe.

  • jin woo han says:

    I need it, if it possible~!!!

  • Asiated says:

    Concept Smonshep… When will these “Designers” ever do their homework on the magic materials they use.
    Backlit e-paper = N/A
    Refresh rate faster then .5sec = N/A
    Power requirements 45W = Hmm no power cord
    Let’s not even start to discuss the continuous “Short / Long range RF” usage in an office environment.

    • Speedie says:

      Obviously you dont understand what a concept really is. It takes designers like this to get “sticks in the mud” like you to push the boundaries of what is currently out there.

      If we only stick with technology that currently exists, how would anything ever evolve into anything new?

      Someone has to start the idea…someone has to plant the seed before things change.

  • Neopoliticus says:

    A hell of a lot better idea than all those micro pcs that are coming out.

  • pengeek says:

    The product is not that far away. Anoto Technology has generated products like the Logitech Io, the Fly Fusion and the Livescribe pens that work reliably using an IR camera with patterned paper. Microsoft, EPOS, Cross, other companies have been chasing the elusive perfect pen-based tool. Combine that with the e-ink such as used on the Amazon Kindle and the product is ready to go

  • gadgetzoom says:

    amazing idea, where they got the inspiration … i cant imagine ๐Ÿ˜€

  • chels75 says:

    great idea ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • alienzexist says:

    I likes, I likes. nice images. This product apparently must instantly make people awesome auto designers, i need one. go long beach!

  • Ma Teresa says:

    I think the napking pc is great, where can i buy it?

  • salar says:

    very good
    i want this

  • Geekie says:

    Ha! Nice design. Just trying to imagine blowing my nose on Windows Vista – on a napkin.

  • jenna says:

    woa!!!the inventor of this is uber smart!!!!! luv the idea, but mabey they should not use windows. apple is much betta

  • Dee says:

    I am so bummed this is not real! It is really cool! I would love to use it.

    • Snides says:

      well yes it would be pretty dece to use, however, wouldn’t it be pretty difficult to use, like it’s kinda like a napkin? or would it be like a computer and then it prints onto a napkin? besides i say it’d be an idea of the future, but not likely for me to buy, but nice try tho.

      Good Job! =P

  • moneyman says:

    yo best idea were can i spend my money on it

  • moneyman says:

    yo best idea were can i spend my money on this baybe

  • moneyman says:

    yo best idea were can i spend my money on this baybe

  • coolgirl says:

    I think it’s a great idea.

  • Jimmy C says:

    You guys need to keep in mind that they couldn't possibly be real napkins. They're just napkin sized screens. I love the idea, but I agree with Ana and Tehronin, this technology is years away

  • AshleyGibson says:

    It’s really great concept. Can i buy it?

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