A Timepiece for Poseidon

You’ll find a lot of watches on YD. The reason we see no shortage of watches is because we believe each watch design, like the humans who wear it, has a certain character. Watches do much more than tell the time. They speak more of your tastes. The Mori Brass Diver watch by Ventus, for instance, is built for people who are more comfortable inside water than outside it. I’m talking about divers, swimmers, sailors, surfers… Mori Brass Diver isn’t a water resistant watch. It’s water proof, and how! The Mori can withstand up to 30 atmospheres of pressure. That’s a 300m depth, where most watches don’t go below 30. The watch’s aesthetic beautifully portrays the company’s motto – “Inspired by the past, built for the future”. Its brass construction gives it a vintage appeal, but under the brass hood lies a Seiko NH35 that runs ‘forever’.

Each watch also comes with a superluminova coating that makes the dial glow in darkness. Perfect for reading underwater, the dial comes with two luminous varieties, a new-age blue, and a vintage green. The upper domed glass is crafted from sapphire, making it resistant to scratches and cuts (something you’re bound to get underwater), while the underside of the watch celebrates its abilities (and its audience) with a stamped graphic of a vintage underwater mask. An incredibly built watch for a niche audience, but I would still love owning something with such amazing attention to detail! Well, wouldn’t you too??

Designer: Ventus Watches

Buy It Here: $233.00