The DUEX Plus doubles your productivity by upgrading your laptop with a snap-on dual display

It seems like Mobile Pixels has really carved a niche for itself in the external display/monitor industry. They’ve been adding secondary screens to laptops since 2017, and I’d say they’ve gotten pretty good at it. The first iteration of the DUEX laptop monitor shipped to more than 10,000 backers in 2018… and with the DUEX Lite and DUEX Plus, the company’s going back to the drawing board to make portable laptop monitors better and more functional.

The idea of a laptop with an extra screen fits perfectly into a work-from-home scenario, doesn’t it? Having an extra screen just makes it easier to get more stuff done, multitask, and organize your virtual life. The DUEX Lite and DUEX Plus help do that by giving your existing laptop an extra screen to work with. The screen simply snaps onto the back of your laptop’s display panel using magnets and slides out when you need an extra display while working. All you do is plug it into your laptop’s USB-C port and you’re all set to go. Designed to sit semi-permanently on the back of your laptop (you can always remove it when you want to), the on-the-go monitor turns your laptop modular and can be carried around with your device wherever you go. When you need an extra display, it slides out to give you the dual-screen productivity you need, and when you’re done, it slides back in, fitting into your laptop’s slick, portable form-factor.

This next generation of DUEX monitors comes in two variants… a Lite version, designed for your average use, and a Plus version, which adds an extra layer of functionality and compatibility with a host of other devices like your tablet or gaming console. The DUEX Lite plays to the strengths of the DUEX monitor series in a design that nails the basics. It sports a 12.5″ screen housed inside an impact-proof ABS-PC body. The DUEX Lite comes with a single USB-C port and is compatible with all modern-day laptops (both Windows and MacOS). It does one job and does it well, adding an extra, incredibly responsive display to your existing laptop, so you can work with double the screens and double the efficiency.

If, however, you’re looking for much more than an extra screen, the DUEX Plus goes above and beyond with its versatile design. For starters, the display on the DUEX Plus measures at 13.3″, offering a marginally larger screen than the DUEX Lite. The DUEX Plus also comes with a brushed aluminum body, complete with a gun-metal finish. This aluminum body isn’t just a material upgrade… it allows the screen to slide out like the DUEX Lite, but even pivot backward to face people in front of you in what the folks at Mobile Pixels call “Presentation Mode”. Moreover, the DUEX Plus even comes with an optional kickstand addon that lets you pop it off your laptop and position it wherever you want to. The kickstand works in both landscape and portrait modes, offering a uniquely tailored experience for people who need portrait screens for coding, etc. Besides, it plays a pretty important role in making the DUEX Plus versatile too. You see, unlike the DUEX Lite, the DUEX Plus boasts compatibility with devices other than your laptop too. Potentially, through its USB-C interface, you could connect the DUEX Plus to your Android phone for large-screen gaming or a more enjoyable Netflix experience, or even hook it up to your Nintendo Switch so you can play Animal Crossing on a much larger screen. The kickstand comes in handy in these scenarios, allowing you to independently use the DUEX Plus as a much more versatile external display.

Both the DUEX Lite and Plus come with 1080p screens running at a 60Hz refresh rate. With over 4 years of innovation under their belt, the DUEX Lite and Plus are even more responsive than ever, thanks to their ability to use hybrid signals to transfer data between the source and the display. The result is an incredibly rapid, responsive, seamless visual experience with virtually negligible lag… a feature that’s exceptionally handy while playing games either on your laptop or by hooking your Android phone to the DUEX Plus. Additionally, both displays even have an Eye-care mode that minimizes eye fatigue by letting you reduce the amount of blue light coming off the display.

While having a laptop with an extra screen feels like a pretty cool novelty on most days, the idea of a portable secondary laptop monitor sounds like an even better idea in 2021. As we look to redefine the office, the workspace, portability, and productivity, the DUEX Lite and DUEX Plus offer a unique way to get work done faster and more efficiently no matter where you are. Honestly though, whether it’s for work or for play, or for even working while playing, the DUEX monitors are a great way to add functionality to your laptop without sacrificing portability. With their sleek designs, they attach to your laptop in a way that makes them incredibly useful when you need them, and invisible when you don’t. Whether you’re working on multiple projects and windows, doing mundane tasks while having Netflix running in the background, or just running operations that require secondary screens, the DUEX Lite and Plus offer a brilliant way to upgrade your laptop without spending a tonne of money on a large, clunky, expensive secondary monitor.

Designers: Jack Yao & Stephen Ng

Click Here to Buy Now: $209 $339 ($130 off). Raised over $1,000,000.

DUEX Lite & DUEX Plus – Portable Dual-screen Laptop Monitors

The DUEX Lite and DUEX is the most portable monitor for designers, students, professionals, gamers and more.


Two color options to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a secondary screen for everyday personal use or for completing school work on the go, DUEX Lite is a lightweight, slim, portable solution. 12.5″ display screen and smaller overall size for convenience.

Simple to use, plug-&-play for on-the-go use.

Uses a hybrid signal and operates at a much faster and more efficient speed.


DUEX Plus offers a slightly larger display screen at 13.3” and is ideal for professionals and those who wish to multi-task with ease. DUEX Plus is a clean, simple to use, plug-and-play solution. You can slide DUEX Plus to either side of your laptop screen. The display has 1080p resolution, which means everything you see is crisp and clear.

Sleek gunmetal color for a professional look. Enjoy a larger 13.3″ display screen, lighter weight and smaller overall size.

Use it with any laptop, Nintendo Switch or select Android Phones.

Stay connected and charged with two USB ports.

Display Modes

Presentation Mode – 180º rotation

Kickstand Mode – The screen easily attaches to a kickstand to create a stable base and stand up on its own.

Portrait Mode – Not attached to the laptop, the screen stands up by itself in portrait orientation without a kickstand.

Eye-care Mode – Blue light emission will be reduced to a more comfortable level.

Auto Rotation Feature – DUEX Plus will auto-rotate when you flip the display from left to right or right to left.

How Do the Portable Monitors Work

Step 1: Place the slimmer magnetic adhesives on your laptop.

Step 2: Place DUEX Plus or DUEX Lite on the magnetic adhesives.

Step 3: Slide the screen out.

Step 4: Plug in USB.

Perfect For

Working from home.


At-home exercise.


Click Here to Buy Now: $209 $339 ($130 off). Raised over $1,000,000.