Look No Further, Freedom Phone is here

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you might have gone traveling overseas and your current mobile phone doesn’t work? Well kiss those problems goodbye with the new Freedom Phone. Freedom Phone is a small pre-paid phone that is unique in design and unique in out it works. Upon arriving into the new country, you have the option of purchasing the Freedom Phone with 60, 100 or 200 minutes. No SIM card needed-No Roaming charges and in 10 short minutes, the Freedom Phone is charged. The phone number, important service and other information are located on the back of the Freedom Phone. Best of all, the Freedom Phone is so tiny; there won’t be the frustration of lagging the phone around with you on your trip. The bottom line, Freedom Phone, is a perfect and new solution to your traveling needs.

Designer: Vadim Kibardin


  • therightkey says:

    Where can i get it i’ll buy it today. This is a true Jet-Setters dream. When is it coming anyone know any info?

  • SeattleGuy says:

    Does it speak the number as you dial it? That is the one issue with these minimalistic phones, without the LCD/LED display it could be easy to dial the wrong number. I’d like to see an embedded LED display along the lines of those scrolling LED. Name-Tag.

    • rm1x says:

      I’m not sure why one would need it to speak the numbers dialed.
      We seem to have managed to dial correct numbers in years gone by on old analog phones without screens 😐

  • Tmncon says:

    I wouldn’t buy one if my cellphone didn’t work in another country. And when will the word realize that these “annoying bastards” who always say “I want a phone that just calls,” are actually “cheap annoying bastards”

  • Monty says:

    People actually press numbers to call someone these days? How quaint.

  • Curves says:

    This may still be a little too much for techno phobes. I bought my mom a cell for Christmas and our lesson consisted of: Insert Charging Plug here, Green Button, and Red Button. Even at that, I dont think she got it. Big market for SIMPLE out there, just has to be REALLY simple.

  • Fthorn says:

    That is GREAT!
    Even having a display is too much for someone that just wants to dial a phone number and talk! Cool.
    Remember when (those over 35) you knew ALL your friends/family’s numbers? It was a great way to exercise your brain. Nowadays many kids don’t know even ONE friend’s telephone number. I STILL remember numbers from like 1972.
    I’ll have to look for this in stores. I love simplicity-very apple like (well, USED to be Apple like)

  • Itzpapalotl says:

    I didn’t like the idea of this phone until I thought about it more. It’s a great thing for people who don’t understand cell phones. Both of my grandmothers get so confused by their cell phones that they hunt me down (whether I’m working or at home) when something “wrong” happens (keys are locked).

    Though… with the lack of buttons… I wonder how you even work this thing.

  • Pagercam says:

    Slap on an Apple logo and they won’t be able to make enough.

  • butterflower says:

    so what happens when the minutes are used up? you buy another pack or you can just reload the minutes? and how to discard the phone properly? a display is pretty essential considering that the buttons are all flat and without distinguishable form and they are very close to each other, you might accidentally hit the wrong button. traditional phone users survived without any phone display because the buttons are clearly separated from each other. and i think putting the numbers in the normal 3 x 4 order would be wiser

    great idea anyway

  • iqbal says:

    nice one !

  • billy says:

    where do the components go, where’s the battery, 10 minutes to charge, where the hell did you get that number? the whole function of this phone is compromised because there is no problem with using your current phone abroad, you just need to tell your network. Also, the problem is not solving the number identification – to identify each number a beep recognition noise could signal, each having a slightly separate tone. The problem is that it won’t work. Okay i understand the reality of concepts, but at least do some research work.

  • gwendolyn butler says:

    how do i get this phone

  • Khoudia says:

    This is a beautiful design!

    How can I get one!?!

  • Joseph says:

    Billy, I agree. There’s very little the need for this phone when many phones can switch out their sim cards just as easily. I also don’t get where the charging cable would go.

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