Hang Up Those Dishes

The kitchen is a place in our home that most of us like to keep tidy and clean. Sometimes, we might have so much stuff in our kitchen that it can feel cluttered and overwhelming. When we open up our cupboards, we like to see organization and dishes all in their perfect space. However, if you lack storage space in your kitchen, you might not have room in your cabinets therefore leaving dishes and glasses lying around the counter collecting dust. With Cuelgame, a new dish design by Marc Graells Ballve & Victor Vinyamata, you can hang up your dishes on a dish rack or on a wire to store them out of the way or even if you need to let them dry after they have been washed. Not only can you hang up your clothes to dry, but now we can hang up our dishes too.

Designer: Marc Ballve & Victor Vinyamata


  • Nickolas Titkov says:

    Marc Graells Ballve and Victor Vinyamata are two designers from Spain.

  • Acen says:

    ah….If the wind blow…..

  • margaret jean ballve says:

    se me hizo muy original el diseño, me gustaria conocer mas de sus modelos. saludos

  • ruofan78 says:

    i don’t think that’s a clever idea, just for fun maybe

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