First Ever Stone Skis

Based in the beautiful monastic village of Disentis, Switzerland, Simon Jacomet and his team at Zai have established a gloriously understated reputation for designing and crafting the most advanced, high-spec skis in the world. Only 500 pairs are made a year. Innovation – indeed to blaze a trail for the whole skiing industry – has always been at the heart of their mission. These very special limited edition Spada (the Romanic word for sword) skis are the first ever made to have a heart of Grisons granite. Using stone in skis may sound incredible but stone has ideal characteristics for this application. Rendered bendable by Technocarbon of Munich’s new Carbon Fibre Stone technology, stone has enormous compressive strength (the same specific mass as aluminum) and resilience, retains its shape and dampens vibrations. The result is a ski with incomparable agility, grip and smoothness.

Designer: Simon Jacomet


  • nosko says:

    Hey, no cup holders, no sale.

  • soto says:

    These are not the “most adavnced” skies on the market.
    As usual, desginer overate their products by telling how many “fancy” materials they have used to justify an insane price.
    The most advaced skies in the world are the skies used by professional athelets.
    When talking about “damping” technology, the most advanced damping technology used on skies in the world, uses the same damping technology which F/A 18 fighter jet uses on its tail wings!
    “Designers Are Wankers” (ttile of book), but they are wankers!

  • ぇへおめ says:

    I think one of your current advertisements triggered my internet browser to resize, you might well want to get that on your blacklist.

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