Steam Table Lamp

Steam is the name Rikke Hagen has given to her futuristic table lamp, which communicates power in plenty. In the award-winning designer’s own words: ”The keywords with this new lamp have been to capture power and energy in their basic forms. Because the very essence of light is energy. I drew lots of lines, which I ended up by simplifying – until only simplicity is left.

Steam plays with the basic form of the table lamp, but has been totally purged of all superfluous detail. On the other hand, the current or the cable that is normally concealed has been made into part of the installation: a bold turquoise cable, swinging its way out from inside the lamp. Talking of her collaboration with Holmegaard Glassworks, which is steeped in traditions, and has produced hand-blown glass since 1825, Rikke Hagen says: “As a designer, I see it as my primary objective to plant myself solidly in Holmegaard’s impressive aesthetic history and continue building with all the material I find there. So I chose the smoked grey and opal white colors for Steam, because those are just the colors Holmegaard is famous for. Then I pepped them up with the audacious turquoise cable. The vibrant, cool blue goes perfectly with the smoke and white shades.”

Designer: Rikke Hagen [ Manufacturer: Holmegaard ]