Ladders in Home Libraries Done Right

If you’ve even been to any huge public or University library, you’ve probably seen shelves that seemingly climb to the ceiling with rail ladders the only way to get to the top. It’s a very learned look that I’d like to achieve but my house barely has any room for any of that. The Matching Tree furniture system is just my ticket.

The Matching Tree system utilizes expanding pillars and joists to provide support tension for any custom shelving solution – all without drilling nasty holes. They also hide a ladder that easily slides out giving you the learned library look. I’m in heaven. The support rails are made of aluminum, the shelves – wood. My only gripe are those giant circular discs. They look a bit unsightly. It’s all just concept now but I’m sure sooner or later, IKEA will catch on and release something similar.

Designer: Kuan-Sheng Wu