OMG FireJacks!

Nostalgically drawing on the traditional game of jacks, FireJacks is an innovative modern alternative to faux coal, pebbles and logs that have populated the market for so long. The unusually striking range is designed for use with both contemporary and traditional gas fireplaces, as well as gas fire baskets – and is set to become a ‘must-have’ design classic, offering an affordable investment in creative excellence.

Already creating a stir for the clever play on nostalgia that combines style with functionality, Verine – one of the country’s leading gas fire manufacturers – is licensing FireJacks on an exclusive basis for inclusion in its new product range.

“Gas fireplaces have become sleek and serious, and they truly don’t need to be,” says FireJacks designer Lynn Kingelin. “FireJacks is an exquisitely fun accessory and an affordable alternative to the ceramic coal, pebbles and logs.

“My products are borne from trends that will embrace longevity and not fade as a fad,” continues Kingelin. “FireJacks is a ceramic design classic that will enhance any new or existing gas fireplace for years to come.”

FireJacks will be available to purchase from just £140 ($280 USD) from 1 August in 1,000 specialist fireplace outlets across the UK, Northern Ireland and Europe.

The low-expansion, slip-cast ceramic fuel-bed design comes in four finishes: white matte; black matte; glazed, burnished gold matte; and glazed, antiqued white with crazing.

Gold and antiqued-white bespoke finishes and custom installations can be arranged through Lynn Kingelin Design Studios, which will also supply custom made, non-working fire sculptures.

Designer: Lynn Kingelin