Red Lights in Hong Kong

One of the designers of Living Pixels, (one of the largest amounts of fun I’ve had writing about a lamp,) has designed another miraculous light holder with the name “A+ Lamp” on it. This lamp can hang every which way – up, down, left, right, and is inspired by the wet market in Hong Kong, a place where no matter which shop, stand, or place of business you come upon, there’s bound to be some red lampshades. Why? Red light makes food look tasty!

So wait, you must be saying, why make this homage to the red lampshade… you know… green? Well, because designer Chen Siu Wa Match did not want to keep that piece of the puzzle, he wanted the red lampshade’s omnipotence! This A+ Lamp is everywhere at once in the same way that the red light encompasses the Hong Kong wet market!

The “A+” part of the name of this lamp identifies this product as part of Chen’s project, (also called “A+”), a project that is attempting to widen the bounds and update the products of plastic brand Star Red aka Red A! This brand Red A has been producing more than 600 products for consumers since 1949 without, Chen says, much innovation, and he believes it is time for an update! Thusly, the A+ Lamp uses a classic Red A lamp design and expands upon it, adding a multi-function handle so that the lamp can be a floor light, table light, ceiling light or wall light, and also can be used indoors or outdoors, no problem!

Designer: Chen Siu Wa Match aka Shai Chai