Belkin Cooling Stand

The Belkin Cooling Stand keeps your laptop cool. Powered by your laptop’s USB port, the Cooling Stand adds no extra bulk and is easy to use. A unique wave design creates a channel between the laptop and the stand to assist in natural airflow. Unlike other laptop fans that draw heat down to push it out, the Cooling Stand’s fan takes advantage of heat’s natural reaction to rise by pushing hot air upward through the channel and away from your laptop.

Designer: Belkin Via: Gizmodo



  • xxblahxx says:

    saw one of these at Costco…

  • vik says:

    bought one of these bs laptop coolers, great design that had pottential to work, however when it came to the manufacturing stage it was ruined by those greedy people in the finance dept. resulting in a badly made, cheap, underpowered sollution that after a week or 2 of usage will break. come on belkin, sack the clueless moron who put this together!

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