ONE Calendar works like the rotating sun, moon, and earth

ONE Calendar Details

Calendars are straightforward, so there really is no need to make things complicated. However, some people can’t stop being creative. That’s why we have calendars like the ONE CALENDAR with an interesting and fun design.

The ONE Calendar is based on the movement of the earth, sun, and moon. As these heavenly bodies attract and rotate around each other, they turn days into nights and nights into days. This table calendar features three rings with magnets inside, making the mechanism more interesting than ever.

Designer: Yong Jeong

The rings are of different sizes, with the biggest one signifying the sun. It presents the numbers 1 to 31, pertaining to the 30 to 31 days each month. The next ring is for the 12 months of each year, while the smallest ring shows the days of the week. These rings interlock and when they do, the calendar tells you the correct day, date, and month for a given day.

The magnets make it possible for the three rings to interlock. The ONE Calendar can stand on a surface or be attached to your refrigerator. Display the One Calander depending on your preference or mood. Don’t think much about the aesthetics, but the product’s design is simple and timeless.

ONE Calendar Images

The rings appear to be plastic, so we know they are light and compact. Each ring reminds me of a selfie ring with the base and the cover. The rings are filled with magnets that allow the rings to stick together.

ONE Calendar Demo

ONE Calendar Concept

You can manually adjust the date, day, and month on the ONE Calendar. Just have the correct information ready, and you are free to display the calendar. Don’t say there is no need for such calendars since there are digital versions and you already have your smartphone. It’s really just about the novelty of the object.

Well, some people still prefer analog calendars more than digital ones. If you belong to this group, no, you’re not ancient. You’re someone who values tradition and history, and we respect you for that. We also can’t hide the fact that the ONE Calendar has a good design that people will and can remember. So that even if you really don’t need one, you’d still want to buy the ONE.

ONE Calendar

We love unique calendars like the ONE by Yong Jeong. In recent months, we have seen other unique ones like the Perpetual Flip Calendar. There’s also Kaspersky’s 2021 Calendar with its mini-cyber history lesson. The Ingrana Modular Synth calendar gives you a new sound every day. That Calenclock from several years ago had a little attitude but was nonetheless interesting.

ONE Calendar Design