This Camera Lens Cover comes with a secret compartment for SD cards or an AirTag

Your DSLR may not have Apple FindMy, but the folks at Polar Pro have a clever alternative. Meet the Defender, a camera body cap that fits directly over the lens rim, protecting the sensor inside from damage or exposure to outer elements. Designed to fit on a wide range of models, the Defender isn’t just a protective cover, it comes with a hollow design that lets you stow away essentials including SD cards or even an Apple AirTag. Pop the Defender onto your camera and now not only do you have memory cards available to you at the tip of your fingers, you’ve also got a camera that you can track on your iPhone or any other Apple device. Smart, eh?!

Designer: Polar Pro

The Defender Body Cap comes with a 6061 aluminum outer body, eschewing the plastic construction found on most default camera body caps. The aluminum offers stronger protection, defending your camera from bumps, scratches, and offering much higher protection than flimsy plastic.

The Defender’s secret sauce, however, lies in its inserts that fit into the body cap, allowing you to store items inside the cap’s spacious form factor. Polar Pro offers 3 inserts to choose from – one that holds an AirTag, another that holds 1 SD and 2 MicroSD cards, and a third that holds a CFexpress A card. The caveat, however, is that you can only use 1 insert at a time, which means you can’t simultaneously store an AirTag with an SD card (which feels like a bit of a lost opportunity to be honest), but I’d probably pick an AirTag any day, given that SD cards can easily fit in a wallet.

This nifty feature means your camera’s body cap now has a secondary purpose – hidden storage. The cap fits on Sony, Nikon, and Canon cameras, allowing you to pretty much attach the Defender onto DSLRs, SLRs, Mirrorless cameras, or even full-frame video cameras. Pop an AirTag in and your camera can easily be tracked on your FindMy app, so that if it ever gets misplaced or stolen, you’ll know exactly where it is. Chances are nobody will know the body cap has an AirTag concealed inside it, and anyone who values cameras will know better than to throw the body cap away.

The Polar Pro Defender comes in 3 colors – Black, Desert, and Forest, and ships with all 3 inserts, allowing you to choose what to tuck away in your body cap.