Continue Plug by Jing Zheng

Continue is not only a plug designed for any electrical equipment, but also a socket. In the many situation, one socket cannot cope with the large number of digital equipment, so we must increase another one or more socket to meet this need. It gives the user a mess that large wires and sockets come together. So a design together with a plug and a socket function can reduce this mess and make all the cable connect simple. The concept of Continue comes from Chinese traditional luck pattern, Eight Trigrams, that means: negative and positive can be interconverted to make life continue, it is also the origin of the name and function of this design.

Designer: Jing Zheng



  • zzznzz says:


  • Filoch says:

    Exactly this concept is known in Poland since two-three years (in EU-plug standart naturally) and is to buy in many electric-shops. Other variations is a plug with on-off swith.

  • Austy says:

    Is this new? ‘Piggy Back’ plugs have been around in Australia for years. Still cool though 🙂

  • xiao fang says:


  • Eric says:

    Been in christmas lights in america for years too. I never thought it was that safe to just pile up more electricity, so I never utilize it!

  • Esmond says:

    I can’t stop thinking what will happen if you mix a tea party, a wall socket and this concept together. =P

  • Mircea C says:

    You can’t take out a plug without shutting down the current to the following ones…

    • Mircea C says:

      and that orange attracts kids attention and considering the terminals are always exposed …

  • Isn't it dangerous to pull suck amounts of power from a single socket?
    Good design, if one is looking to charge a couple of phones, or other small gadgets without using too many sockets. How good is it when it comes to using it as a spike buster for computers?

  • 22go says:

    Yes but what with cables? Check Snable:

  • A día de hoy, post como esten son realmente una gran fuente de información y muy utiles, me alegro de
    que te tomes el tiempo de publicar las cosas de una manera tan clara

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