D Light!

d’Light is an expandable tube light made from heat resistant tempered silicone material and LEDs. The idea is to have a safer tube light…

Desert Storm - Lamp by Nir Meiri

Sand Shine

The Desert Storm lamp’s use of sand as the main material provides an organic feel in both appearance and touch. The shape of these…

Mushroom Lamp 2 by h220430

No More Nukes!

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first mushroom cloud lamp design that I’ve seen before. (Great minds really do think alike.) But I like this one…

American Standards Lamp by Peter Bristol

From Boring to Beautiful!

From 2×4 wall studs to plastic light switches, common American construction tends to use predictable, albeit utilitarian materials, methods, and dimensions. Peter Bristol’s American…

My Lamp by Terkel Skou Steffensen

Rewarding DIY Lamp

MyLamp combines Scandinavian design simplicity with Japanese folding functionality into a beautifully basic yet eye-catching desk lamp that’s a piece of cake to assemble….