Make that Living Space Shine

There’s a blank wall in your home, it’s poorly lit so a large photograph won’t do, its hard to find the perfect painting to suit the space and a mirror would just look weird right? LIFX has the perfect solution. The LIFX Tile is funky re-imagination of ambient lighting. The LIFX Tile can completely enhance your living spaces and transform any area in your home with its unique ambient light art, moving scenes, themes and effects.

The LIFX Tile set comprises of 5 tiles in a kit – 200m x 200m x 35mm. These tiles have the ability to dim from 100% to 1%, providing an array of over millions of colors. Organize these tiles however you wish and watch your creation come to life. The LIFX Tile is accompanied by a smartphone app which allows the user to integrate various email and messaging notifications with the flash of a tile.

Designer: LIFX